Imogen is a gifted and insightful healer: it is an elusive art

When Stress and lifes general wear and tear get the better of me, she manages to unravel the contorted corkscrew into which my body tried to default and my whole anatomy breathes a sigh of relief.

I have come to realise how crucial her help is. She reads my body and gently and holistically brings me back from the miserable brink time after time.   

– J.J.

I had heard a little about CST so thought I would give it a go as i was experiencing a stress related physical condition.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but have to say i’ve been absolutely amazed at the outcome. 

Imogen is super talented; she has an amazing gift and I’ve felt very tangible benefits as stored traumas have been released from my body.

My advice is to book several sessions with 1-2 weeks gap to get the best benefit, as I am finding the more sessions we have the more powerful the outcome. 

As well as being an incredible healer, Imogen is so personable, warm and friendly and I look forward to my visits. 

– R.P.

Imogen has been amazing with my teenage daughter, who instantly felt at ease with her.

My daughter had been suffering with anxiety, wasn’t sleeping and her mood was always low. 

When the first session was over she asked if she could go again, she is now much more relaxed and happier and is sleeping through!

The sessions have also helped my daughter during exams. She used to be so anxious that she would feel sick. Now she is relaxed and doing much better. i can’t recommend Imogen enough, A life changing experience.

– R.P.

I find Craniosacral Therapy to be deeply relaxing and very powerful. I feel as though I am being ‘unwound’ both mentally and physically. It can have a deeply emotional effect on me too.

I let a lot of stress and tension out through tears and breathing which Imogen supports me through.

Imogen is able to remind me of past physical traumas that I have suffered in my body. Previous knocks, falls and also an issue I had with my gallbladder. She focused on these areas which had a profound healing effect. It is a fascinating therapy and I highly recommend Imogen as a therapist.

– B.H.

Craniosacral Therapy is a subtle but powerful therapy which has had a transformative effect on my health, thanks to Imogen and her healing hands.

She is intuitive, supportive and kind – I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

– B.S.

I was very impressed with Imogen’s approach when seeing her for help with my chronic knee pain. Her calm and supportive manner made me feel instantly comfortable. Her treatments lifted the tension in my knee and also the anxiety I have been carrying around for years. I felt an incredible sense of relief during the treatment and Imogen’s intuition of my condition was impressively accurate.

I would most definitely recommend Imogen for therapy as she certainly helped me a lot.

– P.A.

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